Nikita Anosov is one of the founders of Psychotronic Art.
He was born in Russia. He is based between in Moscow.

Participated in projects and events, the latter of which:

  • 2018 – art fair “The Other Art Fair by Saatchi”, Victoria House, London, UK.
  • 2016 – exhibition “Fragmented Vision”, Troba Gallery, Prague, Czech.
  • 2015 – exhibition “New Wave Uncut 2”, MSK Eastside Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

Nikita`s artworks are in private collections and galleries (Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia, Czech, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

From the interview:

The Path

«If the earliest age is taken, I was immensely lucky with the school — a large number of the lessons on art, sculpturing, the history of art, constant visits to museums, galleries and exhibitions. The foundations are always laid in the childhood and love of art lives inside of you no matter what you look after. Approximately six years ago I realised that it overfilled me and demanded the escape, this unconquerable inner need to create. And I had no doubts that a canvas was what the doctor prescribed, that it was the most convenient plane which would reflect my conception. I am a hostage of my ideas because until they are implemented, they will not set me free».

Psychotronic art

«All the magnificent essence is that an artist knows exactly what he or she does but, at that, it is pretty crucial not to allow the personality proper to influence the painting. It is vital to get tuned to a creative wave and to create a work which will have an impact on a spectator making this or other temper other temper rather than conveying the emotions of the master proper. Therefore, it is very important not to take psychotronic art for that of psychogenic origin. The geometry of figures perfectly gets you tuned to the right wave, gives a new state of mind rather than a ready-made “picture”. In actuality, any environmental object can be compared with any geometrical figure, and all of them awaken various emotions, feelings and states of mind. A famous formula ascribed to Sezanne narrates that all the art is reduced to a cone, a cube and a sphere, and geometry emerging in ordinary and habitual items attracts an attention, charms, even mesmerizes», he writes in his article “Psychotronic Art”.

The Style

«Any colour and any geometrical shape reflect light in this or other range of fluctuations making a certain impact on a spectator. The spectrum of colour is electromagnetic fluctuations and if you know how to build up mutual geometry and colour correlations on a plane, it is quite probable to shape the electromagnetic background in a space and influence what will occur around. It is possible to do it in such a way that the image should create a particular state of the electromagnetic background, reflect it. It is this which was laid down as the background of all the works».

The World-Wide Exhibitions and Fairs

It is always very pleasant to gain new experience and observe the interaction of spectators with paintings. No doubt in America art in general and paintings in particular are treated on a grander scale. Here it is enough just to have a look at a number of galleries cheerfully opening their doors for all the new. One always rejoices when he or she unexpectedly encounters new works filled with knowledge and purity. It is incredibly valuable, especially nowadays.